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Nonprofit Consultants, LLC

Turn-A-Round & Start-Up Specialists 

Prices & Fees

Nonprofit Mentorship


Our Nonprofit Mentorship Program was developed to address the needs of challenged struggling urban based nonprofit organizations. We have assembled a team of professionals with many years of a broad range of skills related to nonprofits. We can restructure your company and make sure that you continue to exist to provide those much needed community services. Your mentorship team will be led by Andrew I. Melton, CPA. A seasoned highly experienced business executive and nonprofit turn-a-round specialist. He has over 30 years experience including; President of an accounting and consulting firm specializing in nonprofits, Vice President of an inner city diversified nonprofit, Director of Accounting, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Financial & Administrative Officer of nonprofit organizations.

Our Mentorship Program is a six (6) month (150 hour) intensive program that will require significant involvement of your leadership team. Our fee is $7,500, $2,500 down and $1,000 a month for five (5) months. As follows: 

1. Intake-month 1

2. Rapid Assessment-month 1

3. Implementation-month 2 & 3

4. Wrap-up-month 4

5. Monitoring-month 5

6. Follow-up-month 6 

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