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Nonprofit Consultants, LLC

Turn-A-Round & Start-Up Specialists 

Prices & Fees

6 Month Start-Up



  1. 120 hours of service (spread out over a 6 month period)  for $6,000 payable in 6 easy monthly payments of $1,000

  2. Complete nonprofit corporation set up including tax ID#, articles of incorporation and the 501 (c) (3) IRS tax exemption. 

  3. Development of a mail and email list of targeted funding sources to include Federal, State, County and local government agencies and Foundations.

  4. We will market to those sources and prepare, on an as needed basis, introduction letters to place you on the bidder’s lists to be considered for RFPs and Funding Requests.

  5. We will meet or set up meetings with potential Funders for in person introductions and presentations.

  6. We will prepare a “Statement of Qualifications” (company resume) to use in our marketing efforts.

  7. We will provide assistance and prepare, on an as needed basis, proposals (bids) and Requests for Funding.

  8. We will plan, structure, coordinate and supervise the web-site set up and the on-line fundraising efforts.

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